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Volunteer Management


Volunteers are the key to a successful event.

With the help of the Teamwork 360 Volunteer Management Program we can ensure that your volunteers are informed, committed, and energized to make your event the spectacular event it should be.

We work with your team to craft the best program to suit your unique needs. We have 3 levels of support:

Option 1 - the DIY Management Kit

This is the best option for those on a budget

  • Our tools will ensure you keep you onboard the best volunteers for your event

  • Includes a project planning template

  • Recruitment tools & templates

  • Volunteer orientation templates

  • Post event volunteer follow up templates

Option 2 - Comprehensive Digital Service

Sustainable way to connect with volunteers for a greener event

  • Includes all of the above with the addition of: 

    • Comprehensive project planning document​
    • Custom volunteer orientation videos live or on-demand

Option 3 - Full Service Boots on the Ground

Most comprehensive for larger events 

  • Includes all of the above with the addition of:

    • Volunteer recruitment - sourcing, interviewing & onboarding

    • Work with accreditation to ensure volunteers have access to the appropriate site locations and zones

    • On site, day of, volunteer orientation and volunteer oversight​

    • Data collection for major event metric analytics

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