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10 Effective Employee Recruitment Strategies for Success

Two people in an interview

So, picture this: You're the captain of your small business ship, sailing the seas of success.

You are the captain of your small business ship sailing towards success. But here's the thing, you can't navigate those waters alone – you need a crew that's ready to work together and conquer challenges with you. This is where recruitment comes in. We're talking about more than just filling seats or fogging a mirror; this is about finding people who'll help you realize your business dreams. Ready to uncover the effective recruitment strategies to help you recruit the best possible team to take your business to new levels of success?

Let’s dive in and get started

Spot the missing puzzle piece

Before you dive headfirst into the whirlpool of hiring, take a moment to understand what it is that your team is missing. Think of it like a puzzle – each piece has a specific shape and role within your company. If you are missing a piece the puzzle is not complete. Chat with your current team, gather insight on what is needed, who will fit with your crew and understand what is needed to complete your puzzle.

Identify your ideal candidate

Picture your dream team member. Got that image in your head? Awesome! Now, let's break it down. Jot down all the skills and traits for needed for this role:

  • What skills do they bring to the table?

  • What soft skills will they need?

  • What are the educational requirements?

  • Is this a remote, in office or hybrid role?

These aren’t just words on paper, they’re the building blocks of your perfect candidate and the start of your recruitment blueprint.

Craft a compelling job description

It’s time to create a compelling job description that sells the amazing experience of working for your company and entices candidates to apply. It isn’t about just listing duties, it’s about showing off your unique values, culture and corporate identity. This is both a job posting and a marketing piece. For success, sprinkle in some of the duties involved, details about your company and the perks and benefits of working with you. You’re creating a sneak peek of the awesome experience that candidates will have being part of your organization.

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Share the love - let people know you are recruiting

Okay, you've got your masterpiece job description. Now what? It’s time to let the world know you’re hiring! Job boards are great, but think bigger. Share on social media, tell your friends to tell their friends (referrals are fantastic), put it out to your employees to tell their friends and offer a referral program for internal referrals. If your employees are happy, their friends would be happy working for your too. One final note, make sure to use a tracking system (even excel will do) to keep all the applications on track.

Every touchpoint is a communication and marketing for your company and you want to make sure that prospective candidates have a good experience applying to work for you!

Your inner circle: your current team

Have you posted this position internally? You might have some superstar potential right in front of you. Yep, your current team may have members up for the challenge. They already know your business inside out and giving them a chance to level up within the organization can boost everyone’s morale and create a culture of promotion within.

Building your candidate dream team

Candidates are rolling in and it’s time to evaluate their qualifications. Put on your detective hat and start comparing their qualifications to your dream team blueprint. Keep an open mind and look for potential – they don’t have to check all the boxes but they should spark your interest to learn more about them.

Let the conversations begin!

This is the fun part of recruitment. You have the opportunity to chat with some interesting people and get to know them better. As you chat, think of this more as a coffee chat than an interview weave the information you are looking for into the conversation, it puts the candidate at ease and allows you to see if there is a corporate connection.

Three people in a face to face interview


You’ve chatted over email, had a phone call and now it’s time to meet your candidates face to face for an interview. This is an opportunity to not only ask questions about their qualifications but to get to know the person as well. Think of yourself as a detective searching for clues on how their skills, personality and values will vibe with your team.

Decision time

You have met some amazing candidates, and now it’s decision time. Who is going to join your amazing team and bring their special skillset to your company? Go with your gut, not just the most qualified candidate and remember to do reference checks. This could save you in the long run. And just like every good plan, make sure you have a back up candidate in case it doesn’t work out with your top pick.

Wall sign that says welcome on it

Roll out the welcome mat

Drumroll please – your star player has said yes! Now it’s time to make them feel at home and comfortable with your team. Welcome them to your office, introduce them to your team and get them set up for success. You aren’t just building a team you are creating a family.

And there you have it, you are now armed with 10 recruitment success strategies to find your next amazing employee. With these success tips you're ready to conquer recruiting!

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