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One Man Show!

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

A true entrepreneur will tell you how well they understand every facet of their business. The reason for this intimate understanding is that they formerly (or still) wear all the hats of the company.

Strategic Planning

Depending on the business, the strategic plan can be the invention or unique service offering you provide. This is the role of the CEO to make sure you don't lose focus of the forest when you are buried in the trees.

Marketing Department

Sales is the backbone of every successful business. If nobody knows about your product or service how are they going to purchase from you? More importantly, without sales you have no revenue. It is an extremely rare business that can survive and thrive with no revenue.

Human Resources

When you start adding staff you start to feel the success of your growth. However, the challenge of adding new people is that they also come with their own personalities.

Information Technology (IT)

It's a rare business that does not involve some form of technology, unless your grandpa printed this blog and handed it to you.

Knowing where your skills and weaknesses are can help you address the needs your business has for growth. Feel free to reach out to us for a complementary consultation to help you along your exciting entrepreneurial journey.

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